Conveying technology for bread and bakery products

Whether craft or industrial bakery – our solutions are always tailor-made for you. DMA material handling systems for bread and bakery products, racks, crates and pallets improve your productivity, create space for additional ovens and reduce material wear.

The benefits of DMA solutions to you


For you and your bakery automation means improved productivity, smooth workflows and savings – in both time and personnel costs.


With our material handling systems you will easily meet even the strictest hygiene requirements. Your production line is neatly set up and is extremely easy to clean.


The automatic transportation of your crates protects materials, reduces wear and lowers the noise level.


DMA material handling systems optimally transport, stack and store your crates. Your benefit: Greater storage density, space for additional ovens, empty working spaces.

Conveying technology for bread and bakery products

Stacked crate storage system

Space-saving storage and optimum feeding of the production line

DMA stacked crate storage systems allow the space-saving storage of up to 60,000 crates, thereby facilitating the optimum use of space. Fully automatic crate transportation, without manual intervention, from the return station through to order picking guarantees the optimum feed of crates to the production lines. Cleaned crates are transported directly to production. In the event of over supply crates are held in storage, while additional crates can be quickly fed into the production line from the stacked storage system in the event of under supply.

  • Especially hygienic
  • Space-saving
  • In-process reliability
  • Energy-efficient storage
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Easy expandability

Vertical conveyors

Delivers products to a new height level safely, quickly and in a space-saving manner!


DMA vertical conveyors are used to overcome height differences on production lines. Our pusher chains allow the transport of both narrow bottles, jars and cansas well as wide containers such as crates and boxes. Moreover, DMA vertical conveyors can easily cope with product weights of up to 40 kg and height differences of up to 12 metres. Vertical conveyors gently and quietly raise and lower the products in a continuous material flow.

  • Besonders hygienisch
  • Lebensmittelsicher
  • Materialschonend
  • Durchgehende Taktung
  • Geringer Wartungsbedarf
  • Flexible Integration
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