Vertical conveyors

Delivers products to a new height level safely, quickly and in a space-saving manner!

DMA vertical conveyors are used to overcome height differences on production lines. Our pusher chains allow the transport of both narrow bottles, jars and cansas well as wide containers such as crates and boxes. Moreover, DMA vertical conveyors can easily cope with product weights of up to 40 kg and height differences of up to 12 metres. Vertical conveyors gently and quietly raise and lower the products in a continuous material flow.

Thought through down to the last detail – features overview:

Especially hygienic

DMA vertical conveyors are of cutting edge hygienic design. Thanks to the special edge designs we avoid cavities – and therefore the risk of mould formation – and make cleaning considerably easier.

Continuous sequencing

DMA vertical conveyors collect products in a continuous material flow – thereby operating particularly efficiently.

Food grade

Only DMA vertical conveyors are fitted with FDA-compliant pusher chains tested for compatibility with foodstuffs.

Low maintenance requirements

All of the installed components are designed according to the requirements for minimum wear and simple replaceability.

Flexible integration

DMA vertical conveyors can be integrated into existing plants in a particularly flexible manner and are expandable with modules such as conveyor bridges and turning units.

Gentle on materials

With the clamping jaw technology rubber lips gently grip the product from the side. This allows even sensitive products to be quickly and safely transported.

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DMA vertical conveyors – technical features and variants


Top quality as standard

  • Low-wear pusher chain
  • A paint-finished and stainless sturdy steel structure
  • Central width setting for various products

  • Mechanical tension adjuster for the pusher chain
  • Central lubricating unit for the pusher chain

Options/special equipment:

On request we will equip your vertical conveyor with the following additional functions:

  • Synchronous deflector pulleys in the bends to reduce chain and glide bar wear at high transport speeds
  • Automated width setting for various products
  • Automatic tensioning station with length control

  • Food grade FDA-compliant pusher chain
  • Full machine cladding, matched in design and style to the site
  • Independent controller with queue monitoring
  • Feeder and discharge belts

Technical specifications

Chain width Delivery capacity Height difference Product weight Product width
46 mm E.g. bottles: up to approx. 60,000 units/hour Up to 8 m Up to 15 kg 15-200 mm
114 mm As above Up to 12 m Up to 40 kg 20-450 mm
254 mm As above Up to 12 m Up to 40 kg 20-450 mm