Stacked crate storage system

Space-saving storage and optimum feeding of the production line

DMA stacked crate storage systems allow the space-saving storage of up to 60,000 crates, thereby facilitating the optimum use of space. Fully automatic crate transportation, without manual intervention, from the return station through to order picking guarantees the optimum feed of crates to the production lines: Cleaned crates are transported directly to production. In the event of over supply crates are held in storage, while additional crates can be quickly fed into the production line from the stacked storage system in the event of under supply.

Thought through down to the last detail – features overview:

Especially hygienic

When empty, the crate storage area is completely free of material handling equipment and other items, which means it is very easy to clean.


High storage density: The DMA stacked crate storage system guarantees optimum space utilization.

In-process reliability

The in-company crate logistics and storage system ensure processes consistency.

Energy-efficient storage

This results from the low-power drives: Only three drive motors for the X, Y and Z axes are required, plus one for rotating the Z axis.

Lower maintenance requirements

DMA vertical conveyors can be integrated into existing plants in a particularly flexible manner and are expandable with modules such as conveyor bridges and turning units.

Easy expandability

Only the side running strips need to be extended

DMA stacked crate storage systems in detail

DMA stacked crate storage systems in detail

  • Fully automatic crate transport
  • Optimum feed to the production lines
  • Very high technical efficiency
  • Low overall operating costs
  • High energy efficiency

  • Low floor loading
  • Pre-selectable assignment of the stacked crate storage system
  • Very good hygienic conditions
  • High storage density

DMA service for smooth integration

On request we will equip your vertical conveyor with the following additional functions:

  • Consulting, project planning, design
  • Complete installation (mechanical, electrical)
  • Integration of upstream and downstream plants
  • Turnkey handover

  • Fully equipped with controller and interfaces
  • Employee training
  • Commissioning

Technical specifications

Max. 5 m ceiling height 3,650 mm stacking height
Max. room width 16 m 19 crate stacking rows (transverse)
clearance between the rows 180 mm
Putaway and pick performance Approx. 130 stacks/h
Storage capacity Approx. 6,000 to 60,000 crates
Floor load Approx. 150 kg/m² (with 26 crates at 1.3 kg per crate)